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  1. Come to think of it, I could use Tasker's "Send Intent" action to accomplish this, if I could only find the magic "Extra" string to start the composer in the right mode. I've already figured out the correct Intent to launch the composer.
  2. I'd like to see Android shortcuts that allow creation of notes of various types. That is, one shortcut for creating a speech-to-text note, one for creating an audio note, etc. The advantage of a shortcut over the widget lies in the ability to add shorcuts to SwipePad. With a shorcut to note creation, I could open the note creator with a single gesture from any app on the phone. With the widget, I'd have to return to the home screen (or do a gesture to activate the widget with WidgetPad), then hit the appropriate button (assuming the Evernote widget is on my default home screen). I can work around this somewhat using Nova Launcher's ability to create a shortcut to any activity, but that forces me to select the right note type after the editor opens, instead of having it in the correct mode already, as it would be with proper shortcuts.
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