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  1. I believe you need TLS 1.2 for the program to work on the desktop. And since you don't want to upgrade the old legacy machine, you may just be stuck on Web based Evernote for that machine. But much as it isn't as fancy, as least it works and you can use the stand alone program everywhere else. Best version is on the android phone anyway.
  2. Same here. TLS must be turned on. Everything else doesn't matter. I did lose a few bits that were only on my desktop. But most of it I had manually transfered to the Website before I took everything down. EN Did you Change Something? Or how did it get turned off? I've never mucked with those settings. Nice if you could have let us know, without tearing our hair out. And since I use it on the web, on my home computer, and on the phone, AND I use the reminders which also link to my Remember the Milk account, this program has saved my butt on more than one occasion. Plus so much of it IS local on your phone, so when I couldn't link to my Google Account (I've been in some no cell phone reception places), the EN still worked, provided I had accessed the item recently. Grumble.Trying to figure out what I may have forgotten to transfer and getting back to work.
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