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  1. like to be able to have TABs in a single note when i create a note i have a single screen to enter data. lets say i am doing research for a new router. so i want to save the URL, some picture, some notes, some text from the web site, some contact data. what i would like is create the note change the default first tab to general info create a 2nd tab called ...screen shots create a 3rd tab called ....tech requirements etc. this way i can organize the content of the note and not just have all the data pasted into one box with no organization thanks
  2. when i create a note, id like to further segment the note into different tabs. for example, im creating a note about mobile device management companies the first tab can be general notes, the 2nd is dedicated to company A, the 3rd is dedicated to company B this would be a huge help thanks
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