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  1. +- works for left/right but it wouldn't work up/down? (rhetorical)
  2. From the answers that precede I take it a feature request would be in order to have another pair of buttons to extend the selection up/down using the Article clipping option.
  3. The default selection for clipping an article starts at the top and stops somewhere below, sometimes not to the end. That often happens with forum discussions, only the first post is selected (example). The +- buttons expand the selection right/left, not down up. So, is there an existing solution, or should it be a feature request?
  4. The straightforward solution every guru on this forum has been turning its back on: - I click on Clip to Evernote - I click on Simplified article (does the same job as Clearly) - Fill in the Organize section (category / tag ) - Click on Save Also, EN support tells me Clearly is no longer supported.
  5. "Wear blinders and you'll be just fine", thank you for your sharing your philosophical wisdom.
  6. What I take away from this is that the EN community is unconcerned that Bluhell Firewall labels Evernote a nasty web resource.
  7. I'm reading a webpage - I click on Clearly - I click on Clip to Evernote - I click on Edit Bluhell Firewall 2.5.2 reports : This web page at www.evernote.com has been blocked by Bluhell Firewall
  8. You said it better than I did: they are already posted and I want to [receive them by email] over time [on specific days], one after the other.
  9. Thanks. Here's what I'm trying to do: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/59106-reading-a-blog-according-to-a-schedule/
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to ask IFTTT question (I asked here). I need help with a (I think) non-trivial recipe. Here it is, in case someone has an idea. I want to read a blog, post by post, according to a given schedule. Example Monday, week #1: post #1 Thursday, week #1: post #2 Monday, week #2: post #3 Thursday, week #2: post #4 Monday, week #3: post #5 Thursday, week #3: post #6 The trigger is easy. It's the target that's complicated as it requires to keep track of the last post that was read, and do "next post".
  11. Hi, is there any discussion forum for IFTTT questions? Couldn't find any.
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