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  1. Hi all, I have read the whole thread. I also had this problem in the past and then it was fixed. For me it came back with 6.11.1 (6.11 was working fine in terms of this issue). Clearly there is a problem of compatibility between the iPhone and the Mac when the photo is transferred on the Mac Evernote App. I use the rotate back and forth method to have my images right. However, it is of course cumbersome to have to do this for all my new notes that contains pictures. And the problem concern also the notes which previously where showing pictures right (and on which, obviously I d
  2. THE END OF EVERNOTE AS A HOLISTIC DATA MANAGEMENT TOOL? — A CRITICAL REVIEW OF EVERNOTE 6.11 BETA FOR MAC Here is a consolidate version of my review of Evernote 6.11 beta for Mac. It has been posted in the ECC group originally. If you use Evernote Business on the Mac desktop app or if your clients do: please read this post. The 6.11 beta release, if it makes it to production, will profoundly change your workflows and your client's workflows. The stakes of this 6.11 Mac desktop release are much larger than just technicalities or functionality improvements for all using
  3. The end of Evernote as a holistic data management tool? I have continued to test the Beta of 6.11 for Mac OS while trying to do my usual work. I list important workflow problems I perceive. I have mentioned already other points in another post in this thread. 1. A major shift in the Evernote's philosophy I think that the main problem is the shift of data philosophy implied by what comes with beta 6.11. I do not think that this is intended, however in practice Evernote is a new reality with this OS release for myself and, as the reaction shows in this thread, for many inte
  4. Happy new year all! Just installed the 6.11 Beta on Mac. Some initial thoughts about it. The way to switch between the business and personal views is simple and does indeed bring more clarity concerning what resides where. I believe that the effort Evernote is doing to improve the interface is important and very helpful. I want to mention key issues, however, thinking that there is certainly a way to fix them and have the best of the two worlds! It looks like I cannot search my whole account (personal and business) any more. If so, I t
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