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  1. Wow you have been amazingly helpful!! I've never seen someone like you full of kindness! Thank you for your useful and wonderful advice. I'll keep that in my mind and save your advice in my evernote too^^ I'll
  2. Hi. I saved all my accounts information on my evernote, include my passwords. But some of my friend said, it is not safe. Because some of my recent notes are saved in my Phone, so that anyone who took my phone could open my files, no matter it jailbroken or not. than I've read an blog article about this, http://erik.io/blog/2014/01/03/watch-that-cache-dropbox-evernote-insufficiently-protecting-ios-6-data/ and told my friend that, 'Hey this blog said it is safe on IOS7' But he said, "It is just temporary solution, and the problem is still remained. Because the format of evernote data is 'clear data' (Im sorry but im not familiar with computer, so I didnt understand what he meant.) So 'My question is this. Is it safe my accounts information??
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