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  1. phils, Thanks for the tutorial! I didn't think to try editing after I created the note. I have the normal Scansnap, so no super cool integration to EN for me. However, the next step is to allow business card notes creation on the desktop client. Then I can maximize my Scansnap to EN!
  2. I didn't realize this feature was added. I just tried but I also don't see where I can add the backside of a card.
  3. No. Merging the two notes loses the card note configuration. I think EN just needs to add scanning card backsides to the program. Or suggest a good workaround. I've got my fingers crossed for the feature adder!.
  4. I tried the note link, but it doesn't show up as a clickable link. It's just text, that I would need to copy/paste into a browser. Using a document camera is less ideal for me, since I'm trying to integrate the card to my iOS devices. For now, I'll just continue on with my Option 1, much like what you summarized, until EN takes notice of this request.
  5. When will EN give users the ability to add the backside of business cards? Or can someone suggest a good work around for this? I've come up with these ideas, though none of these really work for me: Create two business card notes and label them (1) and (2). This is annoying and not intuitive. Scan the frontside and backside and create a separate note. Then link this into the business card note with just the frontside scanned. However, I can't get a direct link. I can only get the URL posted in the card note section.Also, a way to batch scan a bunch of card images would be helpful. And, dare I ask, for a way to create these card notes via the desktop client!
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