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  1. Just tested my 3,000 line note Evernote for Mac 10.10.5. The typing lag to add a line to the end of the note was about 90 seconds. Still not fixed in Mac v 10.10.5. Still works at full speed in Evernote Legacy.
  2. Keeping this thread updated. I was contacted by Evernote technical support to set up an appointment for them to use a screen viewer to watch me experience my slow typing problem. At the appointed time on Monday, March 15, the tech support person captured a video of my Mac's computer screen as I tried to add an additional line to text notes (described above) that were 2,000 and 3,000 and 4,000 lines long. The delays described above were seen and noted by the tech support person, who is passing the example and screen video along to the software engineering folks. I will continue to keep th
  3. I got an email reply from Evernote Support the day after I emailed my "error still occurs in v10.8.5" bug report update (my last post in this thread): Will keep updating this thread.
  4. I just tested typing at the end of my 2 test notes in Evernote Mac v10.8.5. The problem has not been fixed. I sent the following update to my support ticket email thread: I will post back here if I get a reply or other update. I am continuing to use Mac Evernote Legacy. It has no delay typing at the bottom of the same test notes. Evernote Legacy is working OK for "production use" for me, so I will continue to use it instead of 10.8.5 which is not usable at all.
  5. @Paul A., & others who may be following this: I heard back from Evernote support; it was just a short email saying they got my files and email and are adding it to my existing issue report : I'll continue to post in this thread every time I hear from Evernote Technical Support.
  6. @robinrobin, I'm not sure if the problem is individual character syncing or not. Evernote technical support replied to my most recent update quickly (within 1 business day). I responded back immediately as well. As you can see from my "cut and pasted" reply email below, the problem is related to the number of lines and the number of characters per line. Small files: no problem; 2,000 line file has a slight problem; 4,000 line file has an unusable 90 second delay; 5,000 line file takes a full 3 minutes to catch up. These are not large files. The problem is likely related to memory buffers and o
  7. @PinkElephant, of course you are right. I am doing exactly that; I am using Evernote Legacy for longer notes. And I can definitely change my workflow to use Pages for longer stuff. But I don't feel I should have to. Evernote Mac v7.x did not have this problem. Evernote Legacy for Mac does not have this problem. Mac Pages does not have this problem. Evernote Mac alternatives like Bear notes, DevonThink and even iOS / Mac Notes do not have this problem. It is an egregious bug. I don't think it is at all unreasonable to continue to ask that it be fixed, even as I am using alternatives and work ar
  8. @robinrobin, I did go offline and the typing is still very lagged and slow. It still takes 3-5 minutes to show new typing at the bottom of a 5,700 line text only note. (It is the same long note I reported my technical issue with; I keep testing with that same note). I'm glad you are getting good offline typing response. I am not. I just timed it both online and offline: both took over 4 minutes long for my typing to catch up. The time is variable every time I do the typing test. But it is always over 2 minutes to type a new line at the end of the note. Sometimes as much as 5 minutes. But it is
  9. Update on my slow typing response tech support ticket with Evernote support. Evernote 10.7.6 for Mac has been released. I upgraded my 10.6.9 to 10.7.6. The slow typing problem is still there on long notes. It is very slightly faster, but still unusable (several MINUTES before typing at bottom of long note catches up to typing). I let the technical support staff who is handling my support ticket know in a reply email. I will update this post when I hear back from them. (I am tagging posters in this group so you will get pinged on this update: @hasman404, @Kitalooclef, @rdelgado, @DrumWise,
  10. @hasman404, I have been researching alternatives to Evernote because the flaws in the new Mac Evernote version are really severe. I am using Evernote Legacy for Mac for now and it is working well for me. But if the Evernote folks don't make "Evernote for Mac" usable, then I'm going to (sadly) start using something else. I am preparing a long post about "good alternatives to Evernote" and I will post it in a few days in its own thread. I'll link to that thread here. The short answer is that every alternative to Evernote has drawbacks compared to Evernote Legacy for Mac when it is combined with
  11. @robinrobin, thanks for your insight and workaround suggestion. I am using Evernote Legacy for Mac until this is fixed. It's an OK workaround for me. You may want to file an official bug report. See below paragraph. @Karin Clavel, it may help Evernote technical support to prioritize this problem to a more urgent status if more of us report it officially. You can probably just give a very brief description and reference this forum topic by providing a link to it in your problem report. Here is the link to evernote bug reporting page. Click on the "contact us" link in the middle of the page
  12. @goandigo, this problem has not been solved as of today, February 1, 2021. I am using Evernote Legacy on my Mac and will keep doing that until they make v10 usable on the Mac. Evernote Legacy is working well on the Mac for me so far. I posted installation information links earlier in this thread.
  13. @DrumWise, yes, you can install an older version called Evernote Legacy for Mac. It can run alongside Evernote 10.6.9 on the same Mac (they use different local storage on the Mac, but they both update to the same Evernote notes servers). The link to the Evernote Help and Learning article about the Legacy versions for Mac and Windows is here. You can download Evernote Legacy for Mac by clicking on the green "Mac" link in the middle of the article. Evernote Legacy for Mac is working well for me for now.
  14. @hasman404, Yes, they responded to the video. They said they "do not currently have an estimated time on when it will be addressed". Timeline: I opened my original support ticket January 25. Evernote support emailed me and asked for the video January 26. I created and sent the video January 26. Evernote support sent me an email saying they got the video and were referring the issue to technical support January 26. I got an email from technical support on January 27 that said they are doing further investigation, assessing the issue and prioritizing this in a future release, with no estima
  15. I was contacted by email by Evernote Support (within 1 day) and they asked me to do a QuickTime video of my screen as I experienced the typing slowness in a large text file. The large text file edited just fine in Evernote Legacy, allowing me to add lines at the end with no typing slowness. I closed Evernote Legacy and opened Evernote Mac v10.6.9. I opened the same note. I started the QuickTime screen capture video. I started typing 4 lines. After 3 characters appeared on the screen, none of my additional typing appeared. Then after about 5 minutes (yes...5 MINUTES) the text that I had typed a
  16. I have submitted a support ticket for this problem (submitted today, 1/24/2021) and will update this topic when I hear a response. I have been experiencing this problem ever since Evernote v10 on Mac was released. I switched back to Evernote Legacy, because Evernote v10.x is not usable for me with this slow typing problem. About every week or 2, I open Evernote v10 on a different Mac, then update the EN v10 to the latest version, then duplicate the problem. It has consistently been there in every new version of Evernote v10 since v10.4. The newest version 10.6.9 is slightly faster in displayin
  17. When typing new text at the bottom of a long text note (about 90,000 words; about 5,000 lines of text), the typing response is VERY VERY slow. When typing characters, nothing appears for 20-45 seconds, then it "catches up" and the text that was typed during the 20 seconds appears. Then when resuming typing, this happens repeatedly. It makes adding text to long text notes unusable. Shorter text notes don't seem to have this problem. I am not an unusually fast typist. I did not experience this problem with the old Evernote before v10. This problem does not occur in Evernote Legacy for Mac.
  18. I just wanted to update anyone who might be following this post with what I have discovered with offline access in 10.x on Mac since my previous posts. I downloaded a fresh copy of Mac 10.4.3 on another Mac which is running MacOS Catalina 10.15.4. I got a blank white notes screen, but let if run for a while (overnite). Then, when I quit Evernote and restarted it, my notes were visible, current with my Legacy Evenote version (running on a different Mac) and were available for editing. I turned WiFi off and was able to see my notes (with the same window message about being offl
  19. @gazumped, thanks, in v 10.3.7, I do have the option set and I can (thanks to earlier helpful posts in this thread) see the 10.3.7 database. The database is present and some of the files have very recent modification dates & times, so it is being updated, at least sometimes. But even with the 10.3.7 local database enabled and (seemingly) updating, I cannot see my main note list (all a bare white window) or start a new note (opens a bare white window). These blank windows have been present since I tried to use v 10.3.7 offline and they are not resolving. @lbramos, I have tried turning
  20. Thanks again to both of you @DTLow and @gazumped. I was able to download and set up Evernote Legacy. My local Mac database is where it was supposed to be and it updated quickly. It was SOOOO nice to see the spinning "sync" button again. And to have the File--> Sync and the File--> Save menu choices again. I looked at my Evernote database folder on my Mac and I have 11,000 notes taking up 15GB. I really want my primary Evernote database to be on my Mac with only a Sync copy in the cloud. The new Evernote version is designed around the cloud database being the primary one (and the only co
  21. Thanks to both of you, @gazumped & @DTLow, The menu options are different and there are fewer of them in Evernote 10.3.7 on Mac. I found the folder (thanks, @DTLow). It contains lots of subfolders and is clearly not intended for use by users. In an attempt to see what might change in those folders (without changing anything), I turned of my Mac WiFi and tried to use Evernote offline. When I started Evernote while the Mac was offline, the main screen came up completely blank (just a window frame with absolutely nothing in it). There was no way to "refresh" it. I tried to use the
  22. There have been previous posts about where Evernote Mac Version 7.x did it's local Mac data storage. What is the new Evernote Mac local data storage location? Has it changed? The old way of finding the storage location (holding the option key while selecting the Help pulldown from the Menu bar) does not exist in the New Mac 10.3.x version. Anyone know where the new location is?
  23. When I am typing at the end a longer note, my typing is faster than the software can display my typing. Performance in keeping up with typing / text entry is much slower in this new Mac version. I am not an especially fast typist; but the Evernote typing responsiveness in the new version is noticeably much slower than the old version. While I am typing, the characters I am typing do not appear until several seconds after I type them. If I pause in my typing, the app does catch up in a few seconds, but this is annoying to the point of "note typing not being usable". This problem is intermitten
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