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  1. @emerick, as a Software Developer what your doing is complete BS and you don't have me fooled. Your essentially getting "free" users to pay for the premium subscription just so that they can turn this annoying feature off. Just so that the world knows, this is an EASY FIX and is almost DEFINITELY INTENTIONAL. I suggest you fix your garbage and stop reverting to old Microsoft tactics before someone starts an #EVERNOTESUCKS hashtag. I had great respect for EVERNOTE before but that's quickly dwindling at the moment.
  2. I really hate it when startups appear to have absolutely no HCI experts. Most of Evernote is pretty smooth and intuitive but this feature shows a severe lack of insight. Why do you think people even use your app? Without an electronic note taking system students need to organize bulks of printed class notes and jot down critical information into a notebook. The problem with this is you can't really copy and paste a screenshot into your notebook. Nor can you arrange those screenshots and notes into a system that follows your personal thinking process. For example, I'm studying and I keep coming across the same thing that was critical in Lecture 1. I want to take a screenshot and sort it into that information. How can I do that in Evernote? I can't! You've recreated the same problem that exists with paper notebooks but put it in an electronic medium. You've created a static organizational system where it doesn't even have to exist. Please fix this. Also, your Evernote peek App looks interesting but I have no idea how it relates to your main App. Do I have to create a separate notebook just for Flash cards? How would I be able to organize those flash cards when I have 100+ if I want to review only a subset that relate to a specific topic? You have the largest range of features but you don't know how to organize it properly so that it's user-friendly. Please get on top of this unless you want a competitor to bridge that gap.
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