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  1. When I play and setup Evernote I noticed that my email account is automatically retrrieved from Android system and registered for syncing. I don't want syncing. Evernote should be stand-alone on this single smartphone device. Evernote seems to not care about users preferences and privacy. I would have expected a popup prompt at first startup similar to: "Should Evernote use syncing and registering your account?" How do I disable (forever) any kind of syncing with external servers? How do I unregister and eliminate my email account (forever) from inside Evernote? Peter
  2. I am currently evaluating Evernote on Android. Much to my surprise I found no built-in Widget for the homescreen. Futhermore I found no backup option. Did I miss something? I don't want to use additional external Apps for these tasks. Evernote should have them included. Peter
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