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  1. Hahahahaha! Thanks for your honesty! I'm good with that! Carol
  2. Oh, one more question! Is EN version 10 now production-ready? Last time I downloaded it, I could see all my tags and the column that showed 3 lines of the note, but the actual note itself didn't display. I was given the link to go back to the legacy version, which I did. I saw an email that made it sound like it was ready. Are they still working out bugs? I'm fine being on the legacy version, but I don't want to miss out on any new features whenever the new version seems to be working well. Thanks!
  3. gazumped, It is possible that when I got the "file missing" it is because I cleared out the attachments file too soon. It was while I was trying to find the data that I had unknowingly saved in a (1) version, and I had multiple files in the recycle bin that I had to restore, check if it was the right file, and then delete if it wasn't. I very well could have "cleaned up" more than I should because I was frustrated. Now, having a better idea of what happens, and that just because I saved the file in Excel doesn't necessarily mean it was also immediately absorbed into EN, I think I'
  4. Thank you for the replies. My apologies for posting in the wrong thread. Gazumped, your explanation helps this make some sense, but I still have a couple of questions if you'll indulge me. 1. Why do I occasionally run into a problem that I delete the attachments files, but then when I try to open the Excel file from within a note, it tells me the file is missing? 2. When you say Evernote re-absorbs the file when it's no longer in use, does that mean that I need to close the Excel file, even though I've already saved it to EN? In other words, if I save the file, but don't clos
  5. Hello! Could someone please explain to me or point me to an explanation of how attachments such as Excel spreadsheets are supposed to work in EN. I’ve had trouble for years with spreadsheets coming up with a (1) version instead of the original, though not every time. For example, a couple of weeks ago I made a lot of changes to a spreadsheet. Tonight I opened the spreadsheet only to discover the changes weren’t there, I assume because they were actually made in a (1) version and I didn’t notice it at the time. I think I’ve read in the past that the spreadsheets are stored in
  6. I found another thread that said once I opened the spreadsheet in EN, to hit the share button in the top right of the spreadsheet I'm viewing and I can open it in Excel from there. Once I did, the links work! I hadn't noticed the button was there. Thanks!
  7. I downloaded Excel to my iPhone and signed in. It will let me create a new worksheet, so everything appears to be working, however, when I open the spreadsheet in my EN note, which says it is an Excel file, and does open Excel on my laptop, it appears to just open the file within EN rather than opening the file in the Excel app. Do I have to tell EN to use Excel in the settings or something? I can still view my spreadsheet, but it isn't showing the rows and columns that Excel would, so I think it is just in some kind of display mode within EN. Tapping the note links go nowhere. Btw, the f
  8. Thanks, I'll try that. The spreadsheet does open within the EN app, and I can see the records, but nothing happens when I tap the link. I don't think my file will be more than a couple hundred records, so maybe it will work.
  9. On my laptop, I have an Excel spreadsheet attached to a note. In the spreadsheet, a couple of the records contain a link to other EN notes, which I added using the "copy internal link" option. When I open the spreadsheet on my laptop and click one of the links, it opens the browser note, which isn't what I expected, but I can live with it. My question has to do with opening the same spreadsheet from within my EN app on my iPhone. I can see the links I added, but when I select them, nothing happens. I don't need to edit the notes on my iPhone, but I was hoping I would be able to view the n
  10. Thank you, DTLow! I'm not quite sure how I got ahold of the newer version, but I will look into going back to the legacy version. Thank you! Carol
  11. I underwent surgery about the same time EN 10.17 was installed and today was the first time I had to look at it. I think I have two problems. If they are addressed elsewhere, please feel free to refer me - I didn't spot anything that looked like them. 1. I have the Windows desktop program installed. I can see the list of notebooks and tags on the left, a list of the notes in the next column with each showing the title and the first 2 lines of the note content, however, when I click on a note to see the detail on the right side of the screen, all the notes are empty. All that shows i
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