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  1. After going through about four different people in Tech Support, over several weeks, this is what finally seems to have fixed it for me (from Tech Support):
  2. I'm still having issues with it, and I have the same scenario. I've gone through a number of steps with the Evernote Support team, including uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote, rebuilding the database, etc. None seemed to have worked thus far. Support says they are working on it and will get back to me. The strange thing is that right after I rebuild the database the Windows client seems to be able to find the OCR text fields fine for a while, and then it reverts to no search results. So something strange is going on.
  3. I've run into a strange problem. I can search my image notes in the web version of EN fine; the search picks up the OCR text in the images. But if I try to do the exact same searches within EN for Windows, it doesn't find the OCR text. Why doesn't EN for Windows search the OCR text? Do I need to turn something on? Thanks.
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