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  1. JMichael, Thank you for taking the time to respond. I noticed this morning that there is a prefernce call unde Preferences->Formating called: Simplifying Formatting Of Pasted Comment. It's a checkbox and if I disable it (uncheck) it then pasting conent works, ya !! I probably should have did a little more due dilegence before posting however the behavior from the previous evernote version changed for sure.... My bigger issue, for which I need to open a new support case is the fact if you have a note (before the update) and you go to that note and then go to Format and select 'Simplyfying Formatting' then bam all the content disappears...gone ! You can do an 'undo' and the content is redisplayed but unfortunatelty, I screwed up a very important customer note doing this and at the time wasn't aware of my exact steps so i could 'undo' it...and NOW, they content seems to be gone forever :-(
  2. Can -not- copy/paste into evernote since upgrading to 5.5.1 rendering evernote useless !! Is this a known isssue? Anyone know where I can find an older version so I can downgrade! Help, I use evernote daily and now find myself using text pad due to the 'past' evernote bug (from what i can tell)...
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