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  1. Good to know you guys made it .. yes i have upgraded to IE11 and everthing just fine.. but i am an enterprise user, and our IT envinrionment require IE 8 since they not yet certifiy IE9.0 and above... so i might reverse back to IE8 and i think my case should be common , especially for coorporate users. so still looking forward to the latest buid to fix this for IE8... Thanks .
  2. and actually not work on every HTTP version website , only work with HTTPS websites, FYI
  3. @jbignert here is the snap shot for reference.. Thanks i am not sure this due to the setting of my IE, but i already reset the setting but still the same, so can you pls help me out ? Thanks
  4. hi jbignert i am using WIN7 64bit + IE8 + EVERNOTE the latest build. you can try https://www.google.com/finance which is fine & http://www.google.com/finance which show exactly same problem as the 1st post but everything fine with Chrome with the same laptop
  5. I have same issue with my ie8 even with latest evernote release ,downloaded on may 7 2014 But weird that it works fine with any https web , only have issue in http web Any one can help?
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