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  1. Yes, I use one Notebook for each note, i.e. if I am taking notes during a meeting, my notebook is just for that meeting. I need higher level of organization for all of my notebooks/notes from all of my Operations meetings. Does that make sense? This looks like the last post that I will be allowed to make until tomorrow...
  2. Thanks, however, the term Notebook and notes seem to be synonymous in my review of the link. I want to organize my individual notebooks/notes in a larger structure. The link does not provide any guidance for the ordering or sorting of the notebooks/notes beyond date and name. I appreciate your trying to help.
  3. I may have missed a step. I can create notebooks within Penultimate to organize my notes. That is what I am seeking. Please advise as to how this can been accomplished. Thank you!!
  4. Yes, in item 2, I was referring to the syncing of the Penultimate files into a designated Notebook in Evernote. In the course of a day, I have generated a large volume of Penultimate documents and do not have time to drop and drag them individually into Evernote Notebooks. I am not a programmer, but this would not seem to be an overly complicated designation to be able to make during the syncing process. The email upload process allows you to use "@" and the Notebook name in the subject and the note is directed to the correct Notebook. Item 1 feels like something that you should not have to ask for, a simple way to organize your notes in Penultimate. Having a hundred plus notes that can only be sorted by name or "recent" is not tenable. Thanks!
  5. I am a long time Evernote and a more recent Penultimate user and I desperately need two features to continue Penultimate use. 1) I have numerous notes and I need to organize them into folders within Penultimate. It is not working to only be able to sort them by most recent and name. I must be able to organize them using systems that work for my workflow. 2) I must be able to designate which folders each note will be syncing to in Evernote. Having one default notebook for syncing is a huge deal breaker. I hope that these issues can be addressed. Thanks!
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