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  1. Voting to make this a priority. This has been a significant Downgrade to my productivity.
  2. I noticed in the latest update that the web clipper now uses a dropdown box to choose a folder for storing a web clip. The prior version had a search function and, as I recall, a "Recent" option - which was the prior smart filing function I believe. If, like me, you have hundreds of folders this is a catastrophe. I now have to scroll through every time I do a clip. This had definitely made this a much less useful tool. Is the smart filing not working the same way.
  3. The new interface does not work well for me. Please keep the left pane functions of the old interface intact. I dont need my web browser version to look like my phone version - I use them differently. I have thought about these issues alot and it seems to me that their are two schools of thought about organization and evernote has been struggling with them The Apple based (tag and search) and the Microsoft based (Organize and store). For those of us in the second camp, this new interface simply does not work well. We "think" in a nested folder structure, not in a "ill find it later because I will tag it". I recognize that having a "stack" name is in essence a tag, but the true power of the nested stack structure, and the way you display it in the non-beta version, is that I can visually see my tag relationships and instantly narrow my focus. Also, "Clean" does not mean efficient. Seeing less data requires more search for my note time = less helpful.Thanks Also, while I like being able to drag and drop in the beta interface, Having my new notes made in a default personal notebook and NOT being able to move them to a business notebook is not only a hassle it is a real hinderance to using the platform. We need to be able to move notes freely b/w the peronal notebooks and the business notebooks, especially if our default folder is personal. thanks for evolving, but not every evolutionary step results in a better result.
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