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  1. I did when I wrote in but I can't find it now. Is it possible it was included formerly and store on my machine?
  2. Web help page says Plus includes it and other screens say it is Premium. Bait and switch? I thought I was getting this feature when I upgraded to Plus on the Mac.
  3. I have an extremely similar problem with a simple outline that should convert in Evernote to a 3 page pdf but converts instead to a single page and becomes impossible to print with proper margins. It appears the page size is set to 12.33 x 42.72 inches in the resulting pdf file. Is there any way this could be changed so that if an Evernote note is too long to fit on a single page, it creates a multi page pdf?
  4. Thanks. I was looking at a special promotional price on Scrivener, but wondered if there were a simpler way.
  5. I have a notebook full of notes that I want to sequence for writing a short book. Is there any way to give them a custom sort, beyond the pre-set sorting in the program? And is there any writing tool (software) that I can use alongside Evernote for this purpose?
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