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  1. I'm finding odd things occurring. Two notebooks that I opened on my laptop (Windows 8 Chrome) out of 44 simply will not download to my Android phone or Samsung tablet. I've checked notebook properties on both of them, and they are both showing synchronized, and I can't figure out how to make them show up on the other devices. I actually thought I had solved the problem without knowing how, because I think that a few days ago those two notebooks showed up on my phone, but they are gone again. I also find that one document which I downloaded as a pdf to my Samsung tablet and shared to Evernote by making a new note is not syncing to the other devices. How do I get this to work? Third thing - I've downloaded some owner's manuals into Evernote. They show up as manuals on the laptop, but show up as only attachments on the other devices, and take forever to load. Can I fix this? Yes, I've manually synced several times. I've done everything I know to do to fix this problem. Can someone walk me through other options?
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