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  1. You You are most welcome Darlene. Glad to hear it worked for you
  2. Are your other devices picking up the notes? It could very well be a syncing or connectivity issue. If it is a syncing issue however, a user has detailed a simple tutorial for forcing a sync between android and desktop devices. You could follow the first part for android and skip the section about the desktop app.
  3. Here is a good tutorial detailing How To Force Sync which has helped many users on this topic.
  4. Hello, I have featured your comment in a post at fixEvernoteSync. Drop me a message if you do not wish to have your username mentioned and I will remove it promptly
  5. Hey Mayaluga, something to try would be to force a re-sync on all your devices. Sometimes the notes are actually uploaded but the device is not fetching your notes (for whatever reason). You can follow a simple tutorial to do this on your android and desktop devices at http://fixevernotesync.blogspot.co.nz/
  6. I recently spent some time trying to diagnose this problem and replied to a post here with my solution. You can find a tutorial at http://fixevernotesync.blogspot.co.nz/
  7. Hey linaz, I have been experiencing the same problem. Now I'm not too sure what problem exactly you are having but give read through the following and see if it works for you. FIRST I went to my android phone and cleared the data for the Evernote app. I believe this just removes the saved account information, so you shouldn't need to worry about any notes being deleted. Once this is done, open Evernote on your android device and sign in to your account. If you see all your notes, we can assume the android SYNC is working. SECOND Realising the problem was with my desktop I did almost the same thing. I went to the file menu and clicked on my account email to 'reselect' it. If all goes to plan this should, in theory, force the desktop client to relog or 'fetch' the new notes. Let me know if this helped
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