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  1. I assume the number in parenthesis next to a notebook name is the number of notes contained within that notebook. If so, how can I view all the notes. When I click on a notebook a note pops up again I assume probably the latest one but I can't view any of the other notes. How do I do this? Thanks for answering my totally newbie question ?
  2. This is probably the dumbest question ever posted. When I click on a notebook I see just one note, maybe the first I added. How can I see subsequent or other notes in the same notebook?
  3. so i have a notebook called reference, and within that notebook i have another called contacts. i ave listed each contact as an individual note. when i click on the contact notebook i only see the last contact i listed. how can i view all my contacts at once

  4. Thanks so much, I like the asterisk Idea myself (or pre name character) and already implemented it. I like the idea of having all my notebooks together and all my stacks together better
  5. As I look at my left panel under notebooks, I notice the list shows all notebooks and stacks combined in alphabetical order. Is there a way to separate these so that first you have all notebooks listed then all stacks listed?
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