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  1. Okay, for anyone interested with the same issue I had, I ended up getting somnote from the Google play store. Has the same features that I wanted, organising in folders and being able to attach pics or do handwriting, and you can choose where the hell you want to store it, locally or synced to you Google fb or a somnote account. Ui isn't as green though and it's also annoying that I don't get the same level of self satisfied smugness knowing I'm part of a hip trend that I would have if I was using Evernote.
  2. Okay, thanks for replying everyone. Pretty much means that evernote is useless for what I want though. Maybe I'm becoming an old man now I'm in my 30s but don't you think it's reasonable to want control over where your own information is stored? I don't want to be restricted to only storing my information on their servers, and I'm not happy to pay $50 a year to store something on my own goddamn phone ffs. Can anyone recommend an app where you have control over where your own information is actually stored?
  3. Hi All, I'm new to evernote and I want to know clearly about how it syncs/stores notes locally. I have read the help documentation and forums but have found only ambiguous or confusing explanations. I understand that if you have the premium version you can select notes to store locally, no matter where they were originally created/edited, but my question is about the free version and notes that are created / viewed on my Andriod device. I am worried that if I create a note, then sync, then go offline, it won't be available anymore. So, can somebody please simply answer: If I create a note on my andriod device, will it ALWAYS be available offline? Yes/No
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