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  1. "As before, it's easy enough to filter via notebook." I consider the locations that external apps dump notes into to be temporary Inboxes (content that needs to be dealt with/filed) - the notes don't stay there so filtering on that notebook isn't really helpful. If I could tag everything that hits e.g. Inbox/IFTT-LinkedIn automatically, once that note is moved, the source would still be easily seen. Things don't stay in the Inboxes forever.
  2. So, you are stating that I can search for all items that have been put in Evernote by ScannerPro, Pocket, Cloud Magic, or some IFTTT recipe by using the source: syntax? I don't think that is the case but that would help. A lot of integrated apps place content into a user-specified notebook. People triage this 'Inbox' and move the content around. Would be helpful if the original notebook it was stored in could tag the source device/app automatically.
  3. Wow....not very helpful responses. Having a set of actions that occur (whether that is tagging or something else) when a note is being created in a notebook could be a very useful feature. With the number of apps integrating with Evernote and sending content to notebooks, tagging with the source of the information automatically could be very useful to some.
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