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  1. I'd like to use ScanSnap Cloud with the IX500 to have OCR'd PDFs in Evernote. Possible? I noticed that ScanSnap Cloud will save PDFs to Evernote, but the PDF contains images, not text. but the saved PDFs are not OCR’d but the saved PDFs are searchable by Evernote I spent some time poking around to see if the PDFs could be OCR’d but that doesn’t seem possible. OCR’d is nice as you can copy/paste from the PDFs. Anybody else hit this issue? At first, I thought this was a big issue if Evernote was not making the documents searchable, but apparently it is.
  2. I get this message. I'm also using Ad Block Plus. The pages seem to save correctly. The warning is annoying. I'm using Chrome on Mac OS, all the latest.
  3. @mmcpeak, I've been happy with snagit so far (mostly better for a power user, but not a novice), but that being said, I'll just have to clean up my images manually in SnagIt. I ran into issues after collecting MANY screen captures over several years.
  4. rafasinger, I switched to SnagIt for now. Many things are better. Some things not so much. The main thing is performance. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to clean up many saved skitches in evernote. If you delete from skitch, they will get deleted from evernote.
  5. Here's the situation: I have almost 8000 "skitches" I uninstalled and reinstalled skitch (per support advice), and then skitch seems to be sync'ing up 8000 skitches The performance of skitch is almost unbearably slow when drawing arrows or writing a text annotation Performance is often 50% or more of CPU I'm on a 2015 brand new fastest, most powerful macbook available I have 3 displays: 4K at almost max scaling, 27" thunderbolt cinema at default, and retina 15" at max resolution on the laptop. What can we do to improve the performance of skitch? It seems unreasonable that just moving a text field can take 5 seconds.
  6. I use 3 displays with a 2015 Macbook Pro, fully loaded. 1. 27" Apple Cinema (2560x1440) 2. 27" Dell 4K, Scaled "More Space" 3. 15" Retina Display Scaled "Most Space" Editing Skitch drawings, placing text and annotations is CRAZY slow. And this is on the fastest laptop humankind has ever produced. I love Skitch, but can we please prioritize on the performance bug with multiple large displays? I write software and I'm 100% sure there's some bug involved with the crazy slow performance. I also did not notice this either in earlier versions of Skitch or before I added a 4K display. Using: Version 2.7.8 (264008)
  7. I'm using an old Win 7 machine for scanning using the ScanSnap, but I use Evernote on the Mac.
  8. I scanned about 50 business cards at a conference. They are scanned into a PDF in Evernote. What is the easiest way to convert this to a list of emails. Aside from that, what's the easiest way to convert the PDF to plain text and I'll write a program to pull the emails out.
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