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  1. Header issue fixed with the update. I am now using Version 6.13.3 Thank you for the fix :-)
  2. Same problem for me. Am running Version 6.13.1 (455785 Direct). I will attach original (good) and current (buggy) PDF versions. I generate a PDF version of a note to share with my University students by just exporting to PDF to evernote then injecting the file after renaming into the original note. Up to now, the PDF title was the title of the PDF document. Oddly enough, this has stopped working. I would have expected that upon printing an Evernote document, the title would be part of the printout. The Autonomous Car by Roland Gesthuizen -2015- Space Tank Studio.pdf The Autonomous Car by Roland Gesthuizen -2015- Space Tank Studio (current buggy ver).pdf *** Edit: Fixed with upgrade to Version 6.13.3 ***
  3. It would be wonderful if they can support for the SVG file format. It is a cause of frustration when i am clipping and curating material from popular sites such as wikipedia. I am surprised that it still isn't recognised by Evernote. Fingers crossed.
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