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  1. @Igoose That is great reasoning. Thank you very much. Fresh ideas from books/someones opinions are sometime dangerous, especially for me. Having internal ETA (personal or inside company) are desirable. Giving it to public? Not always. What is my real problem? That is basic problem of every human. When you didn't have a toy and don't have it now - you don't really care. You didn't know about existence of one? Even better! But you had one and it was taken from you somehow? That's where all the rage is coming from. Turns out that I don't really care that much to go back to Chrome. Current functionality is sufficient. Only some comfort is taken away. Generally - people are not happy about current situation, which can be seen in Firefox addon reviews. Sorry for all the mess I left here.
  2. Sure, I'm sorry. That seems to be more rude than I supposed it will be. But I'm a beginner programmer, just getting knowledge about proffesion... Maybe too idealistic. It's one of the things that is so bad nowadays and is so simple. How nice it would be to be honest with clients? Be professional and give some ETA? It's still great software, but there are always details that matters. One good alternative on the market and I would be far away from evernote in that momentary rage. I'm happy for you, that you are so great guys, but you won't be always that better from your competition.
  3. I just got back to Firefox after long journey with Chrome. Didn't know that situation is so bad here. Clearly - you are either abandoning Firefox or being really incapable coders. Can you make some official statement? Every developer team is capable of giving some ETA... provided that they are PREFESSIONALS. Are you?
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