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  1. Ok, your support is not that useful and your guidance is to use this forum. I checked the requests and I’m waiting for the same features: Proper Distraction free editor Ability to use monospace fonts in ios/ipados apps Ability to scale default font in the editor (so, it would look bigger) But the issue is that some requests are here for 6+ years (I guess, from the time of opening this forum) and they are not fixed yet. So, looks like you just don’t care at all about the user requests. If you care, you would at least provide your feedback (not the one like – we are reading this one, but popular request != we will work on it). I pay early for my premium for last several years and I use it much less then before, because the apps are not slick, lacking core editing features, have stupid bugs (try to remove the registered device using app, didn’t work for me). I tried to use Premium Support, none of my requests were solved in the last 10 years I use Evernote. New features your add are being removed later (work chat, ha-ha). So, my point is that you just don’t deliver. What evernote should be: System you trust. Keep all the data, available everywhere. - this one of the things that I actually like. With working(!) search. As of now, search is not relevant in a lot of cases. But since search is not relevant, evernote is just a fancy cloud storage. Editor you can use with pleasure to add new content. Use features of the underlying OS. Just try to create a few notes on the iPad with external keyboard without tapping the screen. Can’t navigate between fields, can’t open some screens without tapping. Use case is simple: create a note, add tags, move it to another notebook. All without tapping the screen, just external keyboard. Tasks/todo list - there are much better apps, Evernote is to complicated, slow apps opens, no good way to manage lists. List of checkboxes != task management app. I want to have tags per task, description, etcd. Context feature - related content between my notes is useful, 3rd party content – idk. PDF Viewer - try to read 300 pages book. Reading position is not saved, one tap and you start edit it accidentally. Meh. Evernote has a lot of features, but most of them are half baked. Please, pay more attention to the users.
  2. Hi! I'm unable to add tag to a note if I use external hardware keyboard only. I can open note info dialog using command shift I, but I can't enter the tag - the input box is not in focus and I didn't find a way to give it a focus without tapping on screen. Could you please add ability to add tags using keyboard only? Thank you!
  3. It is not. I see blank space with message that my notes will be displayed there. I have to click on show more to view toolbar. Before the update widget displayed quick actions, no additional taps were needed.
  4. I don't need access to notes in widget, but I want to have access to quick actions. Before this update it was possible to do. Now I have to tap show more to display quick actions.
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