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  1. Do you mean this http://veritrope.com/evernote-desktop-folder/? I want to chose a note where to put file. Like with iPhoto - when you click on iPhoto in the finder left panel it opens special iPhoto interface with all your photos by albums and other iPhoto organisation elements. I think it will be great to have similar evernote link in the finder left panel which open special interface to save file directly to the note what I want. It's not enough to put file into new note with the name of file. In most cases I will need to transfer file to other note and delete this note. Also I need the same thing to open file. For example when I want to upload photo that stored in Evernote to social networks via browser.
  2. Hi! I think it will be great to have a mechanism to manipulate with file system. For example, instead of saving file and then adding to evernote, saving directly to evernote note from any application by system saving dialog window. And opening file directly from application by system opening file dialog. Like, for example, with iPhoto in mac. You can't access photos in file system, only from application iPhoto but there is special item "iPhoto" where you can access photos from iPhoto. This is the reason why I'm switching to use google drive instead of evernote. But I love evernote and I want to use it.
  3. Hello! It would be great if you make view all the tags to note. Now it's not comfortable, it is one like with tags and buttons. Maybe you can make buttons translucent and under them tags. Or something other. With love to evernote!
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