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  1. thanks gazumped thanks for responding to me prompted by you I had a closer look at what was going on 1. I add a document/ note called cabbage.doc to a notebook later i open that document to work on it and it opens as cabbage(1).doc i save it and open cabbage.doc again it now opens as cabbage(2).doc - it does have the changes i made previously ditto cabbage(s).doc so it seems that everytime i open and edit the document, it saves in the 'attachments' folder as a new version, but (I now discover) cabbage.doc opens the lastest version (which is a relief). but - the attachments folder is getting cluttered with these previous versions - they dont disappear when i close and open evernote, or quit it entirely and restart it. (i have now worked out why this happens - i am closing evernote, before closing Word. If i close Word first, then Word wipes clean the cabbage(1).doc version, and the next time i open the document/note cabbage.docit to edit, it opens up as cabbage(1).doc again - this time with the latest edits included) difficulty solved!! Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to me one last question - can i delete all these old versions in 'attachments' without doing evernote an injury? FND
  2. I am relatively new to Evernote Premium. My Issue: I open a Word document previously saved in Evernote called (say) cabbage.doc I save it. The next time I try to open it, I discover that the file I open 'cabbage.doc' is unchanged, but that Evernote has decided to save my document as cabbage(1).doc in the folder 'attachments' then i discover that the attachement folder contains numerous versions of the file - cabbage(1).doc, cabbage(2). doc etc and i dont know where I am in regards to the latest working document I would like Evernote to save my file with its original name - without the appended version number I must be doing something wrong - what? Thanks
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