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  1. This really sucks, and my patience in over. I've installed it on new computers, new instances of Chrome, and everything. I've been paying for this piece of ***** for years, and I haven't been able to use it 9 months. $7/ month * 9 months = $63, for absolutely nothing
  2. Bump. What's going on with the support here? By the way, I noticed this a bit after the most recent update. Could it have something to do with the new "Log in with Google" option? I think that it might.
  3. Also having this issue. Very hindering to my productivity and workflow Chrome: Version 54.0.2840.99 m (64-bit) Evernote Web Clipper: Version 6.10.1 (35f63f9/ Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit
  4. When a clipping commences, a dialog opens that shows the status: "Clipping," "Syncing," and "Clipped." If, at any point during the process, the dialog is closed (via either closing the source tab OR through clicking anywhere on the area of the source tab [except on .PDFs, in which clicking doesn't close the dialog]) does this cancel the clip? Also, what happens if you were to cause the dialog to disappear during the "Clipping" or "Syncing" stages, but an error were to occur? Would the issue simply go unnoticed? Would it also go unnoticed if the tab is closed during the process? Does Evernote Web Clipper function through some kind of dialog with an open tab? It would seem to make more sense, functionality-wise, to function independent of that, to insure success of a clip. If that's not possible, couldn't there be some way to show a notification of an unsuccessful clip? One more question: do clips within forms work? I have noticed many blank notes from my Web Clipper and suspect that they were from data I had submitted into forms and tried to clip, proving unsuccessful. Thank you!
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