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  1. I'm glad to hear that, Jackolicious! I'll keep them coming, then... 1. A down arrow appears at the bottom of the screen when the cursor is positioned near to it (simillar to the up, left, and right navigation arrows that pop up). The down arrow presently does nothing at all. Touching it or left-clicking it yields no result. The on-screen Up arrow works as expected. 2. When using a keyboard and mouse, the name of the next or previous note appears along with a left or right arrow when the cursor is positioned near the center left or right edge of the screen. In touch mode, it is possible to touch near where the navigation arrow should appear, but not on hidden arrow, to make the navigation arrows appear on screen. The names of next or previous notes do not appear, however. It would be nice to have the previous and next note names appear in this situation. If a presentation is built in Evernote with the intention of being presented, prompting the name of the next note will likely not be a problem. Ad hoc presentations, though, could really benefit from knowing what is up next or previous, especially for those of us who use Evernote for an array of personal and business information (a majority, I would expect).
  2. I have also just noticed an issue with the use of the Page Down key on the keyboard. It works a few times, then stops working altogether. Page Up works as expected as do End and Home. I tested this on two computers, one running Win7 and one, Win8, with similar results. Hope you do not mind all of the posts, I'm gearing up to start using this for a project, so am doing a lot of testing.
  3. 1. PDF files opened in presentation mode require the ESC key to return to the presentation. I would love to have a tablet/touch option for navigating back to the presentation from an opened file. There does not appear to be one at present. 2. MS Word Documents linked to notes can be opened in desktop mode. Those links appear in presentation mode, but do not work, leaving no ability to open them within a presentation. It would be useful to be able to open Word docs in presentation mode. Thanks!
  4. After clicking on a linked note in Presentation Mode (Beta), users do no have the ability to navigate back to the source note (or to any other note) except via links in the destination note. This makes the use of a "Table of Contents" note for a presentation unusable, as there appears to be no way to get back to the table of contents. See the recommendation on the Evernote Blog for presenation mode (http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/09/18/presentation-mode-the-better-way-to-present-your-ideas/). Table of Contents notes works quite well in iOS EN Presentation Mode, as I recall. In the Windows beta, users have to exit presentation mode to get to any of the other notes in the presentation, including the table of contents. Test Setup: Three notes, two containing the content of the presentation, one containing EN note links to the other two. Test: 1. Open the "table of contents" note in presentation mode. 2. Click on one of the links to navigate to another note. Result: Once in the linked note, it is no longer possible to navigate left or right (via arrow keys or touch controls) to get to the previous note or any other note without exiting presentation mode. When the end/bottom of the linked note is reached, where there usually appears a message instructing the user to press the right arrow to go to the next note, the next note's title is an empty string, "". Moving to the next note is less important than going back to the table of contents note, but would be a helpful addition for ordered presentations. Without the ability to navigate back and forth between a "table of contents" note and the notes linked in that note, there is no way to get from note1 to note5 without scrolling through notes 2-4. EN presentation mode is most valuable for meetings about works in progress. That requires dynamic access to presented notes.
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