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  1. First best news since 12 Sep 2013! Thank you, VERY MUCH, lgoose!!! I'm just curious, why Firefox is the last browser that got this addon? (Even after Opera and Safari with their diminutive percentage) It's on the second/third place on the market (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_web_browsers) and was here since Chrome appeared. Then - why? Is it really hard to make addons for Firefox? Anyways, thank you for sharing! Firefox users are human finally...
  2. Relax? Really? Chrome: WebClipper 6.1.3 Safari: WebClipper 6.1.3 Opera: WebClipper 6.1.3 Firefox: WebClipper 5.9.1 Could you see something that makes Firefox users angry?
  3. The answer is browser, I think. Firefox web-clipper is damn prehistoric (not to say dead) and have a lot of unfixed bugs since Safari and Chrome web-clippers work like a swiss wristwatch. So if you like perfect clipping - migrate on f***ng Chrome Or just have it like a second browser only for clipping as I did
  4. Guys, you're awesome. You threw the awesome firefox addon into nothing (only see reviews!) Just make it opensource if you don't want to maintain it anymore. There are many people that could arrange all in the best.
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