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  1. I'm experiencing massive battery drain from this app on my iPad Air 2. My battery is dead in under two hours. It only happens when I use this app. If I leave the iPad on and browse the web, I have normal battery performance. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy. This makes it impossible to use for more than a meeting or a class at a time
  2. I can't stress enough how seriously these multi finger gestures interrupt my workflow. They do not work, plain and simple, at least half of the time. When I try to zoom to use drift, it takes about three or four tries, and I always have to erase the marks made with the pen from the mistakes. When I try to write without zoom and drift, the first few times I try to write, the page scrolls because it thinks my hand is two finger scrolling. Please give us users, many of us paying, the option to turn the dang gestures off and use buttons instead if we wish. This would take no time at all to implement and it would drastically improve the application.
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