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  1. Hi, Evernote shows inconsistent behavior when using the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Shift + . (which is equal to Cmd + : on a german keyboard) Sometimes, this opens the spellcheck-window and sometimes it increases the font-size. The behavior seems to be quite random. I would think that changing the font-size will be used more often than spell-checking in a note. It would be great if the shortcut was working. The Problem seems to be exclusive for the Mac app combined with a german keyboard layout.
  2. I won't threaten anyone by saying "add that markdown support or I'll leave you" because evernote ist simply too good at what it does. But it would be nice if there were at least some basic markdown tags to make formating notes a little easier. I often use Evernote for summing up the content of something I read while I'm reading it. A possibility for structuring the content via markdown (or any other way of quickly structuring text without having to manually change font size and weight) would be very welcome indeed.
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