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  1. I have shortcuts to Evernote searches, notes and notebooks on my Android homescreen. This is just part of the Android app. Is this still not possible to replicate on iOS? Hoping someone can advise!
  2. I've just tried remindertime:day+1 -remindertime:day+2 in Windows client latest version and it works perfectly for me. Shows me only tomorrow's reminder, that's it. Are you using the latest version?
  3. Great news! There was an update yesterday. Now "remindertime:day -remindertime:day+1" search successfully works in Windows. You can use it alongside the tags in your notes to filter your reminders for any given day too. See below. Evernote for Windows GA Release NotesNewEvernote now supports high resolution displaysAdd a coworker’s business notebook to your account right from the notebook listTaskbar icon illuminates when a new message is receivedImprovedNumerous improvements to Work Chat and sharingSeveral improvements to ContextFixed several sync and stability issuesResolved a bug that caused the password prompt to appear unnecessarilyFixed issues related to Table of Contents notesResolved issues with Reminders search syntax1 security fix -- learn more at https://evernote.com/security/updates#win
  4. I agree the above is annoying. It would be great to have a saved search using the "reminderTime:day -reminderTime:day+1" search in Windows client however I do have a work around. Requirements: An ability to clip emails easily into Evernote. I use MS Outlook with the Evernote plugin however I know the web clipper works well with Gmail; I'm not an expert on clipping with hotmail etc. so you'd have to find a way to clips emails from other sources.Evernote daily reminder email.Process: ​Receive reminder e-mail Clip e-mail to EvernotePros: Means you have a "table of contents" note created for you each day, with very little manual input. I reckon someone with better skills than I would be able to create a script however in order to automate the process on turning the PC on.The name of each note will have a note link to that note. By clipping the reminder note into Evernote you can use that note link to open the note with the reminder directly in the Windows client. If you were to open the note from the email client itself it would open the link in your browser (I prefer to work exclusively in the desktop client).You can make notes next to the name of each note. So you could write a number next to each item in order to indicate priority, or a person's name in order to indicate who is responsible for the task.Cons: It's not dynamic like a search would be if it worked. If you add a reminder for the same day then it's unlikely to be included in the reminder email for that day. I tend to receive reminder e-mails around 5 AM GMT but I'm not sure if this depends on your location or if all reminder emails are sent out by Evernote at the same time. Having said the above it's not difficult to add another line to the reminder note via copy/paste note link function.
  5. Hi all Signing out and then back in again did not work, on either the web clipper or the Android client. I tried creating a new notebook in the web version with the same name as the correct notebook in the desktop client. I tried syncing this in the desktop client but nothing seemed to happen. So I moved a few notes from notebook with the correct name (newly created and empty) and the notebook with the old name (contains 90+ notes) on the web version and then synced this on the desktop client. Instead of this fixing the problem there's now the original notebook with the correct name with a few less notes in it. The notes I moved have gone into a notebook with the name "<no name>" (without the quotation marks), so at least they're still there! I'm going to move them all back to the original notebook with the correct name on the desktop client and open a support ticket. Thanks
  6. Hi all I use Evernote Premium on Windows, Android & the Clipper extension on Chrome for Windows 7. All should be the latest version of Evernote for each respective platform. I have a notebook which I have renamed and moved to a stack on the desktop client. On Android the notebook exists however it has the old name and is not in the stack (although the stack which this notebook is meant to be in does exist). Additionally, notes added to this notebook on the desktop client still synchronise over to the equivalent notebook (the one with the wrong name/location) on my Android device. Furthermore, you can still clip to this notebook even though the name is incorrect. Do I need to sign out and then back in again? It seems strange to me that these changes haven't been fully synchronised as at the moment I'm having to remember two names/locations for the same notebook. Please let me know if there's a fix. I couldn't find anything else in the forum but either I'm looking in the wrong place or using the wrong keywords to search. Thanks Conor
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