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  1. Thanks for the clarification. That said, it doesn't make a difference about the finer points of their pay for use programs. I don't necessarily hold it against them for that, and in turn, I'm sure they don't hold it against me for not wanting to play in that sandbox. In truth, I would have considered paying, had it not been for the "deer in the headlights" reaction to searching within a note... (shrug)
  2. The fact that the Evernote team even ASKED why this would be a useful feature tells me that they are clueless. Yes, this program has a lot of features and for a while, was a pretty cool idea. I'll give it to the program managers not to have considered "search within a page" for the first few iterations. But for the love of all things holy, once it was pointed out, a light bulb should have gone off and they should have slapped their foreheads at what an oversight this was. You can search within Excel, PDF's, etc... why in the SAM HELL would this be such a strange feature to the programming
  3. I am beside myself with amazement that "how would you use this feature" would even be a legitimate question - seriously. It's great to search for a word in Windows Explorer for example, and come up with all the files that have that word in it, but would it really be helpful if, upon opening that file, you couldn't search for the word? That's almost like the guy who said why do we need telephone lines when we can write a letter. The uses for this feature are built into almost any application in computing today. Search within a document. For as innovative as Evernote seems, I just can't get
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