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  1. It's funny, today it worked after tapping away an Evernote ad, after tasking and going back to the cam, it didn't work anymore. Then I found out that it sometimes works after taking a first "blind picture". I really don't know what to make of this.
  2. thanks, i tried that but it had no effect unfortunately =(
  3. I just recently flashed my Tablet to Kitkat from a Jellybean Rom, the problem occurs since then. My Tablet is a Pipo M7 Pro 3g with RileyRom 2.8.1.
  4. Hi, I just recently recognized that the camera screen (the image preview) stucks when I try to take a picture in evernote. It works for half a second an then just freezes. Everything else works (acess the settings etc.), I can still take a picture but I can't aim for it, what makes it impossible to take a pic. I tried the default camera of android outside of evernote and it works just fine. Re-installing and rebooting the app hasn't worked. Any ideas or solutions? Thank you!
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