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  1. Thank you. I shall get the Scannable app forthwith.
  2. I am using the Evernote app on my iPhone to save documents into my Evernote notebook. When I photograph two or more pages for one note, the app creates a note which is one image of the several pages. Is there a way to make the note I create have breaks between the pages, so that when I print a note, it is not seen as one loooooong page? (I want to avoid making a separate note for each page.)
  3. ... You could change the destination folder to the Evernote Import Folder you have set up. And if you select Delete as the choice under Source, it will delete the saved copy automatically, so you only have one PDF (in Evernote). Good answers for my situation -- thank you. Now, I have noticed, having just started using the automatically-upload-to-Evernote-folder route for the first time, that for every document I scan to the folder the process creates two notes in Evernote. One is the document itself; the other seems to be a date-time stamp sort of thing -- a separate note. (1) Is there any harm in deleting the auto-created date-time note? (2) Is there a way to turn off the creation of these automatic date-time notes?
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