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  1. I can’t log into Evernote.Com or the APP. On line, I just get the upgrade screen even though I have updated to Personal
  2. Evernote App crashed to the white screen. Went on line & get an offer to upgrade (which I guess is what you want for more money) but it won’t let me upgrade. I’m stuck & can’t get to my over 30,000 notes

    1. James Walsh

      James Walsh

      Interesting. Frequently when I open up Evernote, I am directed to update. I am running the most current version. I suspect the “update” is actually an upgrade -  an opportunity to spend more money on features I don’t need.

      This feels like a, I don’t know, somewhat slimy way to push more product down my throat.

      Evernote, I expect better from you.  Let’s get back in Integrity and call an upgrade what it is.

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