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  1. Yup ..Evernote is perfect! No need to change anything. It appears this thread is 3yrs old. You think anyone is listening to the stupid users? I don't. 2yrs ago someone suggested it would take longer than 2 wks to nest notes, stacks, tags whatever... (it's all been discussed at length) ..right on point!
  2. Wow, such passion over tags? It's simple, user prerogative. Tag is just a pick list for a database field. I have thousands of notes & EN can find them fast either way, tags help limit the result by design. We can make it work however we like, I like simple. Trying to remember the work around to get nested structure is only simple if you are young and have few notes, I am neither. I have lots of notes & few tags choosing to imbed search words that broadly relate notes ..but that's me??
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