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  1. Yup ..Evernote is perfect! No need to change anything. It appears this thread is 3yrs old. You think anyone is listening to the stupid users? I don't. 2yrs ago someone suggested it would take longer than 2 wks to nest notes, stacks, tags whatever... (it's all been discussed at length) ..right on point!
  2. New works ok but, it appears that most posts are platform specific tech support issues.To chimers comment, the development team is not platform specefic, their job is to make their product the same accross all platforms. It's a lower level programming function to make the program work on a specific platform. A special iphone button is a big programming "no-no". This thread was a bad idea because, being platform specific, we are now whispering in an evernote closet & will never be heard from again :) PS: I didn't say novice, I think it is great & I have been using almost exclusively for a long time. It just hasn't changed much since it came out and they ignore huge potential improvements. Evernote does not have its ear to ground (or to this forum). OneNote was a great idea & functioned a lot like Evernote (I still use it for project organization).. While they were resting on their laurels, Evernote stole their lunch. OneNote wants it back and they are working on it but still think they are the perfect solution.You never know in silicon valley and they make so much money, they don't care about their lunch.
  3. Wow, such passion over tags? It's simple, user prerogative. Tag is just a pick list for a database field. I have thousands of notes & EN can find them fast either way, tags help limit the result by design. We can make it work however we like, I like simple. Trying to remember the work around to get nested structure is only simple if you are young and have few notes, I am neither. I have lots of notes & few tags choosing to imbed search words that broadly relate notes ..but that's me??
  4. This forum seems to be populated by really old stuff & I can't find any current feeds, so, unless someone shows me where the action is, this is it... let's put our heads together and improve EVERNOTE. EN is a really good idea, but as ideas go, it's still using training wheels. The brass seems to have become enebriated on $$$, The stable of products looks a lot like a wantabe pinball wizard?? Wutsup w/geo-tagging your last meal?? Soon as I'm allowed, I'll start typing.... (I wonder why I MUST choose a category, the windows peeps are different from apple peeps?? I'm ambedexterous!)
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