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  1. Whatever the reason, displaying content in HTML which cannot be edited defeats the purpose of note taking? Why would EN do this? This was fixed but is now back as a problem.
  2. I am VERY frustrated with Notes showing as HTML and cannot be edited on iOS is 14.3 after the recent update. This same problem happened in 2020 and after 2 months was fixed. What is wrong with QA at EverNote? Don't they test this *****?.
  3. This is a stupid place to hide it. 20 minutes of my live I will not get back. This app is going downhill fast.
  4. I would LOVE to speak with the idiots that think changing everything around in IOS EN was a good idea. I want to go to their house and move half the kitchen stuff into bedrooms and the garage, lets put all the TV's in 1 room and all the motor oil in the pantry! This thing is TERRIBLE!! I still cannot find the camera on IOS. Things should be intuitive in a well designed app and NOTHING here is intuitive. Sorry I cannot say exactly what version I am referring to but that is also hidden. Maybe it is with the camera?? I cannot spend more time looking for what worked before...I need to now invest in moving off this "improved" app. Truly unbelievable you guys could ***** up this bad.
  5. How do I move a note "completely out of a notebook" and just into the "Notes" list which contains all notes? I have searched for this and cannot find an answer. I can drag a note between different notebooks, but it will not go into the "Notes" list. Thanks for the suggestions
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