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  1. Hello, I have downloaded the V1o the other day and noticed that my dashboard note has changed. I have a lot of images there (one for each month and ohters) which link to other notes. The links on these images are no longer embedded but show as internal links underneath. Firstly this looks totally awkward, secondly, ther is no option to add the hyperlinks back to the imaged and thirdly the linked notes does not open the open note window but bring me back to the desktop app into the folder where the note reside. What area the plans to bring these function into v10? Generally I think v10 looks fine and brings some excellent features! 👍
  2. Hello Evernoters. I have an issue with the note links. When I do a right click on a note to grabe the internal note link via the menu, I actually to get the link in the format "https://www.evernote.com/shard/s2...." which works fine as long as I am working on the Windows machine. However when I swith to my Mac in the evening, these links then want to open on the evernote web client. However, when I do grab the link via the short cut CTRL-ALT-L, then I get the internal link in the format "evernote:///view/571740/s2/....." and all works fine on both operating systems. I had contactes support and they suggest an update to the latest version 6.22 what I did this morning, yet hte problem is still the same. Any thoughts on this?
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