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  1. Moving notes can only be done one by one though. I used to be able to select a number of notes and move them together. Please bring that back as
  2. Evernote was so much better before the UI guys started to play around with it! In the last two weeks or so I have sent a few messages (with the Send Feedback button at the bottom of the left column) about bugs or missing functions or things that got hidden in such a way that a user can't find it back. I just stumbled on another thing that suddenly doesn't work anymore. Another user (my wife) shares notes and notebooks with me and from time to time I want to move some notes to my own collection. This has always worked, but now no luck. I don't see the "move" option anymore in any menu, and
  3. As "EdH" said before, in fact stacks do not really exist, they are just a label given to a group of notebooks. In that sense the sharing of a stack is already a bulk sharing arrangement, albeit an unwieldy one. The only way out of this problem is to make stacks real, that is make them an existing entity at file & folder level, and make notebooks sit in a multi-level hierarchy. What we need is a nested hierarchical structure, much like the pages in a wiki (look at Atlasssian Confluence, for example). And then make sure that properties are inherited down, with the possibility to set differen
  4. Let me add: Delete, of course And then it would be necessary that these buttons are available from the toolbar customisation menu. There are a few you suggest which I (almost) never use, so i would like to have the choice, that's what the toolbar customisation is for.
  5. It looks like they're not listening. I just got an update (Version 7.5.2) but it is still the same UI disaster. I want my Delete and Reminder buttons back! As to the share button I don't really care for it as I don't use it all that often, but then please make it a button that one can choose to have on the toolbar or not. As it is, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Re: toolbar. Why don't you guys just add the requested buttons to the menu of buttons that you can add when customising it? And if you want to have Share among those options, be my guest, I will just disregard it. But Delet
  6. I absolutely agree with this reaction. Of all the changes to the toolbar area, taking away the delete button is the most stupid and annoying of them all...
  7. I agree with most comments here that the new Toolbar is a step back with regard to user-friendliness. Please give us back the delete and reminder buttons. Those are among the most used parts of the toolbar and have been taken away. Without even the possibility of dragging them back in from the options! As a long-term premium user I am really upset about this. Bad thinking. And also: please allow us to get rid of ugly green SHARE button in the right corner. Cheers, Joris
  8. I would like to voice my strong support for the request to make sharing of stacks of notebooks possible. Like the previous poster I came here because I was looking in the forums to see how to do it - and then was quite disappointed to see it can't be done (yet). Properties like sharing should be inherited. And to add to the discussion: it would be very helpful if this was combined with nesting in more than two/three layers (i.e. Top Level Stack/Any number of intermediate Stacks/.../Lowest Level Stack/Notebooks/Notes, instead of just Stack/Notebooks/Notes). :-D
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