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  1. Yes, that seems like a very obvious result of that specific scenario. However, that's not the scenario where it happens to me, and it does not appear to be the scenario for everyone that is experiencing the duplication. At least not according to this thread. Thanks for the permission to dislike it, and I know my support options. I am also just sharing my experiences.
  2. If you spend any time on this forum, you'll see that the silence you've noticed is the norm. Issues reported on here don't normally get fixed, that's why the threads are sometimes years old. This one is pretty young, to be honest. Add to that PinkElephant's highly confusing comment from May that EN is not designed to handle syncing conflicts. To me that means it's not designed to sync at all, so who knows?
  3. This behavior has been a weekly constant for me since the new EN "look", between my Win10 version and iOS 14 version. Currently on EN 10.5.1 and it just happened. Part of my issue is that EN does not always sync when it says it did, at least on iOS. So many complaints around that...
  4. Markeh.. "...new improved problem..." Love it. That should be Evernote's tagline!
  5. Dang, that sucks. It works for me on Win7 and Win10, both are updated to the current version of EN. I wouldn't expect much in the way of actual help. I still have other copy and paste issues that were supposedly fixed multiple versions ago. Like a previous poster said, everything is a workaround.
  6. Yes, it's annoying, but Ctrl+Shift+V is the shortcut to paste in plain text. I use it daily.
  7. I experience this as well, but not in a consistent manner. After pasting, sometimes my cursor will be at the top, sometimes just a few lines up from the end of my paste. If I paste and hit Enter to see where my cursor actually is, sometimes I get a new line at the end of my pasted content, sometimes it's a few lines up, sometimes it's at the very top of the note. This is all when pasting plain text, as I don't dare paste anything with any formatting into Evernote. If I do, I'll have to manually fix the formatting because Undo still doesn't work. This happens on the desktop version (6.06) on Win7 and Win10. Downloading 6.1 now... Update: on first use, it appears to have been fixed, but I'll give it a few days. Now I have to go remove the add-ons that it didn't ask me to install every time I update (Outlook, IE). Update: now it's even weirder (current version Now when I paste, the cursor is a few lines below where I pasted. If I hit Enter once, nothing at all happens. If I hit Enter twice, a line break gets added several lines below my paste. This happens when pasting from another or the same note in Evernote, as well as from outside Evernote.
  8. PAMS works for me on occasion, but not regularly. Since everything is a workaround in Evernote, I just paste into Notepad then copy/paste into Evernote. Then I have to find where it randomly moved my cursor (but that's another issue).
  9. I need it disabled in IE as well, for similar security concerns, yet I want it available in Chrome. There were no options for that during the install, just assumptions that I would want it everywhere. I disabled two different add-ons in IE and restarted it. What do you know? It's still there. Well, all of the right-click options are still there, though IE throws up multiple security warnings if I try to clip something as a test. Not quite was most people consider "disabled", I don't think.
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