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  1. This is a good point well made. If Evernote could show us the reasoning behind this decision (which presumably exists and has been documented) then we might at least start to have a dialogue. If you think it was such a good idea to abandon the notebook metaphor then convince us that you were right to do so. It's a simple request.
  2. I think these sort of statements lie at the heart of why so many users feel angry, disappointed and frustrated at the update. It's because - in the face of so many objections from people who have had their work inconvenienced and their patterns of thought disrupted - you're still pedalling the line that Penultimate 6 is better than its predecessor, and making judgements about how it must be used. Rather than kicking off this topic with a FAQ that addresses current concerns, you've pasted the FAQ that was probably written a few weeks before launch, when everyone at Evernote HQ was living in nev
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