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  1. That's great then, from a skim read of the posts in this thread and others I had got the impression there weren't any signs it's on the fix-list at all. So good news all round.
  2. PLEASE fix this bug, Evernote. I want to throw my request behind the others - I get that it's never meant to be a Word Processor, but it's marring the user experience of an otherwise near flawless product with a really basic useability problem. I have a printout of a note in front of me that I've been trying to scan through while making pen notes on in short effect for a meeting coming up, but am now having to waste time going back to the E-version at the same time because half of the text on the printout is impossible to read. From now on I'll try never to use italics of underline in notes as it's slightly less of an inconvenience than not being able to read the print, but even that's not a good solution (and doesn't help with text that's pasted uploaded or imported into a note as opposed to typed. Come on guys and girls, this really needs fixed
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