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  1. Evernote Windows Just noticed while pasting text copied out of a text document, that Evernote seems to be adding a semicolon. Tried searching the forum, but didn't see anything. I've been sitting tight on 6.7.6 for a while, so possibly been addressed, but don't want to update if I don't have to. SOURCE TEXT <outline URL="http://address.com/proxy/x1mp33?mp=/stream" icon="html/images/filename1.png" text="NAME1 (mp3)" type="audio" /> <outline URL="http://address.com" icon="html/images/name1.png" text="NAME1 (aac)" type="audio" /> <outline URL="http://address.com/proxy/x2mp33?mp=/stream" icon="html/images/filename2.png" text="NAME2 (mp3)" type="audio" /> <outline URL="http://address.com" icon="html/images/name2.png" text="NAME2 (aac)" type="audio" /> When I paste the above text into Evernote, I ended up with the note text shown below. Note the semicolons in red. I don't like the idea of something added in on copy/paste operations. Anyone else seen this, and has it been addressed in later releases? PASTED RESULT w/semicolon automatically added (I've highlighted them in red)
  2. Experimenting with going back to the OE Samsung launcher (without removing Nova) did not make a difference. I did restart in between tests. (Edited above list of apps to include a few more) Disabling the other applications listed above using Package Disabler Pro (with device restart after disabling) did not fix the issue, either. Disabling with Package Disabler Pro makes these applications inaccessible. They disappear from the Apps list, and cannot be called up for "share via" purposes, either. Which devices are you guys using? I'm having this problem across two different Android devices, a Galaxy S7 and Google Nexus 2013 tablet. Also disabled the Data Saver option in Chrome, just to see. No difference. Again, this issue does persist across three different browsers. If there is not an issue with the Clipper itself, I feel like there's some permission hangup or something messing up the screen capture operation. Again, it does capture and attach a file that can be viewed as an image after renaming the extension, but whatever reason, it's adding the funky extension.
  3. Hey Max - just heard back from Evernote, and we're going through the initial troubleshooting. I'm wondering whether this may be security-application related, or some other setting that's preventing pulling a screenshot. Are you using any security application or third party screen capture utilities, by chance? Here are the ones that come to mind that I have installed across two affected devices. Any of these look familiar to you? All-In-One Toolbox Avast Mobile Security Annotate Easy Copy Nova Launcher Universal Copy Screen Master
  4. Hey Max thanks for chiming in confirming there are others! I haven't been on in a while. I was wondering whether it was just me experiencing this problem. Revisiting this now, and have just opened a ticket with Evernote Support. Hope to get this sorted out easily. This problem persists for me now, even with browser versions current as of this post, as well newer versions of Evernote for Android.
  5. Device: Asus Google Nexus 7 (2013) / Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Version: 6.0.1 Evernote for Android Version: 8.4 / 8.4.1 Browsers: Chrome 69.0.3497.100 / Brave 1.0.59 I'm having a problem now clipping/sharing web pages from Chrome and Brave (Chromium based) browsers. Very early on, the Evernote Web Clipper for Android used to clip a URL or the page. In later versions, used with Chrome on Android, I couldn't get page content, but it would clip the URL and then a screenshot. Sometimes, I wanted this, sometimes not. Recently, even prior to these latest configurations I'm running, noted above, page Shares from Chrome or Brave browsers stopped including screenshots. Instead, I started getting the URL (only sometimes) along with a weird attachment with an unusable 6-character randomized extension. It turns out that this attachment was actually an image file, but it gets clipped/shared with a random 6 character extension instead of .jpg or .png (I think it was originally .jpg, but I can't remember for certain) Firefox on Android still clips the URL at the least; no screenshot (not sure it ever did) Clip Article with Text is hit or miss, depending on the page and content. Most of the time, it never completes. Ideally, I'd prefer to see some options for Android Clipping/Sharing so I know exactly what I'm getting: URL (ideal) Screenshot (would be nice if we could make it fast, and choose the resolution; I don't need full screen/HD resolution. I just resize it down to 400px - 600px wide later if I even keep it) Article with Text (that works. Right now this is hit or miss for me, and usually only seems to work in Firefox; never works in Chrome based browsers. Never completes, just shows Clipping in the note when I view it on a computer) I'm fine with just the URL most of the time, since I usually do all of my production work and real Evernoting on a computer. In fact, I prefer this URL-only option, because it should be much faster to clip. The screenshots are handy sometimes as a reminder of what I've clipped for obscure sites, but man, it takes a long time to clip, save, upload, download, and whatever path to resolution that it before I can get it saved and it lets me back out to browsing. Here's an example of the issue I'm having now in Chrome and Chrome-based browsers, like Brave, on Android. This note was created from a Share to Evernote on the Nexus tablet. Same thing happens with the Galaxy S7. You may notice in this example that there is no URL in the note. That seems to be a new issue. The image attachment thing's been happening for several weeks for me. The URL is available through the Note Info option in the Evernote client on a computer, but that's an additional step. Just seems like something's off, and I'm not sure what or where. Anyone else seeing this? ====================================================================== AS SEEN WHEN CLIPPED IN ANDROID No URL, no Screenshot Note weird extension on the attachment AS SEEN IN EVERNOTE CLIENT FOR MAC RENAMING THE ATTACHMENT TO AN IMAGE FORMAT AS A TEST Right-click the attachment, choose Rename AGAIN, SEE THE RANDOMIZED FILE EXTENSION HERE? THIS IS UNIQUE TO THE IMAGE. OBVIOUSLY NOT A USABLE EXTENSION MANUALLY CHANGING THE EXTENSION TO .PNG OR .JPG CONFIRM THE CHANGE NOTE THAT THE ATTACHMENT ICON CHANGES; ATTACHMENT IS NOW USABLE AS AN IMAGE; CAN QUICK-VIEW, OR OPEN AND EDIT The image attachment is now viewable, but is still not shown as an embedded image like it usually is on shared pages/URLs from Android Browsers. Unable to set option to view as attachment or inline as is possible with PDF files. This is relatively useless and would be more efficient if there were an option to not clip an image at all if it won't present as an inline image. Again, as noted above, if this is to be the behavior, it would be great to be able to turn it off altogether, or be able to reduce the resolution of the clip before it uploads, which should save time. This takes too long, even when it used to work. Most of the time, all I'm trying to do is save the URL anyway, since the clipper in Android doesn't work as well as it does on a computer for saving articles or pages. I know there are other ways to do this, but the Share option from the Android browser was convenient.
  6. Hey Vikki, which device are you using? Are you still having this problem?
  7. Need some more info here. Which device? Which version of Android? Which version of Evernote? Which browser are you using on your Android device? Lastly, how are you clipping the web pages? Are you using the Share option from the browser on your Android device, or are you selecting content, copying, and then pasting into a note in the Evernote app for Android?
  8. Hehe, yeah, Dave, the : D would be the accompanying smiley opposite for frowny D : G - I do make regular use of the Code Block option but just didn't fit the use here in this particular note. I use the Code Block option for sets of commands, or instructions, etc. I'm still on 6.13, and have noticed that I can't indent with Code Block anymore like I used to be able to. Also seen some strange behavior there where where in some versions or some methods of use, the code block would start at the left margin, and only the text would indent. And then other times, I'd be able to indent the Code Block windows itself. I'd settle for either at this point.
  9. Evernote 6.13.14 for Windows I was just updating some tech notes, and went to make a note about a drive letter and the EN editor replaced my "D:" with a small black rectangle. I presume this was supposed to be an automatic text formatting element, and I can't think of anything else this might be except for a frowny emoji? I've tried searching the forums and can't find much on this, except for people asking for emoji support. I've also tried disabling the Automatically format text elements option, but that didn't help with this. Is there a way to turn this off that I'm missing?
  10. I've been working with newer versions of EN since the recent security update, and the Code Block function is one of the items I've seen changed in the newer versions I'm now using. I liked being able to indent the Code Block function, for example. I, too, would like to see some font control. For my use, I wouldn't say it's useless otherwise without the definition controls, but it does *****/limit significantly my note formatting, and I don't like that at all. This is one of those things that worked a little differently in earlier versions, so I'd like to see the function return and be developed a bit more.
  11. How's everyone doing after updating? I learned a few things during my troubleshooting off and on over a few days last week after getting locked out of 6.5.4. I posted a few notes here on this other thread going over a general process that really cleaned up a relatively unusable installation of 6.13.14 on one of my Windows machines. It had me really frustrated and concerned over the weekend. Still working through both 6.7.6 and 6.13.14, feeling things out, but both are working pretty well. I'm a stickler for not having my stuff messed with (forced/surprise/accidental smartphone updates, anyone?), but have to say, I think each of these installations of Evernote is working better now than before on 6.5.4. Snappy searches, smooth operation. Have a look here if you're having any general usability issues, like slow performance or lock-ups.
  12. How's everyone doing after their updates? I'm still testing two Windows machine installations, one on 6.7.6 and the other on 6.13.14. Happy to report that both are running stably and reliably on my end. The 6.7.6 install seemed to work pretty well as an in-place upgrade The 6.13.14 install, also a in-place upgrade, initially, seemed to go okay, but then I started having problems with Evernote hanging up frequently. I tried a few different things for this in order least invasive to full removal, reinstallation and full resync. I've been using 6.13.14 this week in a production environment, and it's been running great for most of my regular use. Fast, even. I've not had it lock up on me once. The only weird thing I'm seeing right now is that I'm unable to indent when using the Code Block function. If any one is having any problems with either 6.7.6 or the latest distribution, this process is what fixed me up: Make a database backup (Make sure you aren't using any local, non-synced folders. If you are, be SURE you back these up as well.) Maybe use a screen capture utility to record any program settings, like toolbar preferences, sidebar preferences, sync preferences, etc. Execute a complete removal and reinstallation. I used a little utility called Revo Uninstaller (there's a free version available if you want to try it out; buy it if you like it to support them) Choose Advanced, and elect to delete all leftover files, registry entries, etc. Reboot after this. Install either 6.7.6 or the current 6.13.14 (I've found that 6.7.6 is pretty close to 6.5.4 as far as I can tell so far, with the exception of the note padding and tables; I'm sure there's more) Reboot again after the installation before you log into Evernote and sync. After the second reboot, log into your Evernote account, and let it sync. While you're waiting, pull up your screen captures/configuration notes, and reconfigure your preferences. This worked great for me on a 6.13.14 installation, which was just short of unusable after an in-place upgrade from 6.5.4, and left me feeling extremely frustrated for a few days when the news of the forced update first broke, and I was locked out of 6.5.4. I may employ the Clean Install method on any new upgrades moving forward. Both installations of Evernote seem to be running better than before, and I've done database deletes/resyncs before as general maintenance, and even as part of the troubleshooting this time around. The R&R seems to have made the difference for me. I need to read up more on the issues with 6.13.14, so I'll know what to watch out for.
  13. I agree that something needs to be done on the stability front and that there should be a more direct line of discussion and acknowledgement on subscriber feedback. @AndreasM and @Ellsinore -- which versions are you guys running, and are things stable for you at this point, or are you struggling with features and usability issues? For me, I've been back and forth. The first night, I also found out the hard way that I was being forced to upgrade. I've never liked this, not with any software platform or device. I'm currently in mixed environments. On one machine, I'm running 6.7.6, and on another, it's 6.13.14. I had *serious* reliability problems with 6.13.14. So far. 6.7.6 seems okay, but I'm not a fan of the note edge padding, and that's all I've notices so far in my workflow, granted, limited use. I gather that's for the new tables. Have to say, the "new" table feature is kinda of cool. The 6.13.14 experience for me is what got me seriously #$%* off. It was a wreck on one of my machines that's an otherwise nice performer. I spent a lot of time over the past few days removing, reinstalling and testing on two different machines. 6.7.6 is working really well. Tomorrow I will see if the complete RR&RS (remove reinstall and resync) of 6.13.14 has helped with the frequent lock-ups, sending it into fits of "Not Responding" for minutes at a time, the final time on program launch on a fresh reboot, from which it never recovered. I noticed a significant increase in performance after a RR&RS with 6.7.6 on a separate machine. While it's a nuisance to have to figure this stuff out, even though there's support available for us as subscribers, and I agree that we shouldn't have to be jumping through these kinds of hoops, if you're having any problems, give this a shot and see if it at least gets you workable. I know for me, I was more just somewhat annoyed at the touch of anxiety I was feeling at having my Evernote access interrupted and productivity possibly seriously disrupted with unreliable software. I'm at a workable point at least with 6.7.6. I really hope TPTB are paying attention, but maybe I'm late to the game here. As noted, I've been living under a rock the past year and a half on 6.5.4, not thinking for a second that my access to an efficient EN client, which I've come to rely so heavily on, could be threatened in being forced onto a buggy version of the software. It does blow my mind that this stuff is being released in this state despite all the user feedback. It should say something that so many users are hanging on to old versions, and voicing anger at being forced to upgrade. The question is, is anyone listening, and if not, why? That's no way to run a business, and it's no way to treat customers who placed trust in the company and helped build that business. I have mixed feelings on this matter. Ultimately, I just want my stuff to work reliably, and to be left alone to use it for the purpose it was designed.
  14. Aht, yes, I agree, and typically do have Instant Sync disabled as well. I think with the first version I used where it was introduced, I found that it was making my experience a bit laggy with typing and changes while it synced updates. I think I'm usually set for 15 or 30 minutes, and Manual Sync is just a natural part of my workflow as I create and edit. I'll be back to working with 6.13.14 tomorrow, and will have a better sense for it then, since it will be a fresh installation and sync, and not an in-place upgrade.
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