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  1. Saw this in another post: "I contacted Evernote support this morning and got a fix for the JS2 connection. 1. Close Penultimate App. 2. Turn OFF Bluetooth on IPad. 3. Power off iPad. 4. Power on iPad. 5. Turn ON Bluetooth. 6. Open Penultimate and JS2 connects. The cycling of the iPad with Bluetooth off clears "stale" connections, it worked first time for me. Evernote (John) thank you"
  2. It is my guess, and it is only a guess, that the very reason that notebooks and notes are organized the way they are in v6 vs previous versions is to support exactly what you're trying to do, but will be coming in a future release.
  3. Sure enough. I just tried with my largest note (148 pages) and I'm seeing the same as you. So I copied 12 pages from it into a new note; still no joy. Then I started deleting a page, retry, repeat until it was successful and ended up at 5 pages. Looks like you found a bug.
  4. I just tried this in v6.0.4 on my iPad Air and iPad mini 1, and it worked as it should: long press on the note, select the "Share" icon, select "Export PDF", then "Open in Dropbox", or many other options. Have you tried closing all other open apps, rebooting your iPad, or reinstalling Penultimate? Being a Premium user, if the above doesn't help, you may want to sign in to Evernote and open a support ticket.
  5. Have you tried rebooting your iPad? I had a similar issue with my iPad mini and the Jot 1. Rebooting fixed it.Hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously until you see the Apple icon.
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