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  1. Saw this in another post: "I contacted Evernote support this morning and got a fix for the JS2 connection. 1. Close Penultimate App. 2. Turn OFF Bluetooth on IPad. 3. Power off iPad. 4. Power on iPad. 5. Turn ON Bluetooth. 6. Open Penultimate and JS2 connects. The cycling of the iPad with Bluetooth off clears "stale" connections, it worked first time for me. Evernote (John) thank you"
  2. I had a similar issue. In my case, the JS2 was writing, but not connected. I was able to finally get it to connect by going into the Stylus Settings dialog, where when I held the stylus to the target I got no "Connecting" animation or status, then into the Wrist Position dialog, changed nothing and tapped "Back" to get back to the Stylus Settings. Then the "Connecting" animation started working, but it took several attempts to get the stylus to connect. It's been connecting without issue since. It's not very scientific, but I hope that helps... Update: I ended up uninstalling and re-installing the app, and then could not get my JS2 to connect. Then, after some messing around, I was able to get it to connect by tapping the outer circle of the target...
  3. It is my guess, and it is only a guess, that the very reason that notebooks and notes are organized the way they are in v6 vs previous versions is to support exactly what you're trying to do, but will be coming in a future release.
  4. I just changed a Penultimate note title using Evernote Web without any problem whatsoever... But you're right; I can't change the title in Evernote for iOS. I was, however, able to change it in Penultimate post-sync.
  5. Sure enough. I just tried with my largest note (148 pages) and I'm seeing the same as you. So I copied 12 pages from it into a new note; still no joy. Then I started deleting a page, retry, repeat until it was successful and ended up at 5 pages. Looks like you found a bug.
  6. I just tried this in v6.0.4 on my iPad Air and iPad mini 1, and it worked as it should: long press on the note, select the "Share" icon, select "Export PDF", then "Open in Dropbox", or many other options. Have you tried closing all other open apps, rebooting your iPad, or reinstalling Penultimate? Being a Premium user, if the above doesn't help, you may want to sign in to Evernote and open a support ticket.
  7. Have you tried rebooting your iPad? I had a similar issue with my iPad mini and the Jot 1. Rebooting fixed it.Hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously until you see the Apple icon.
  8. All right, you've sold me. This is by far and away the best v6 release so far. I'm even starting to like it better than v5.3.1... I'd been at a conference this week and was taking a lot of notes, running this version on my iPad Air, whereas in the past I would've re-installed v5.3.1 for this. First off, the writing is excellent! I tried a Jot Script 1, Jot Script 2, and a passive stylus and all were very good, but especially the new Jot Script 2. Regardless of the stylus I used, the ink flows better, the drift speed was good, and I never had a single palm mark. One of the things that I like best about using the Jot Script 2 with this version is that I don't even need to bother turning it on or off; it just connects and is ready to go as soon as I open a note! I wasn't expecting that. Excellent! Second, I also found myself taking notes in landscape mode (using the Smart Cover as a stand) because it was a comfortable way to take notes while sitting at the conference table. It worked very well for me; better than v5.3.1 does in this orientation. Once I got home, I uninstalled and re-installed v6.0.4 on my iPad mini, and that seems to have solved many problems that I was having with weird delays and palm marks. It is much improved over how it was behaving a week ago. Long story short, I've come around to really liking this version. I'll keep it installed. Thank you!
  9. Okay. So I received my Jot Script 2 today and gave this another try, this time on my iPad Air. It is much, much better. I then tried out my Jot 1 and passive stylus, and those also worked great, with no noticeable delay and good palm rejection. I'll go back to my iPad mini and try again later this week. The Jot Script 2, by the way, is really good.
  10. I've been running this version on my iPad mini (first edition). There is a noticeable delay that occurs every few seconds, so that my writing isn't captured, and then sometimes catches up, or sometimes malforms my writing. The battery level of my Jot Script (first edition) was reporting about 50% in the app, so I tried using a passive stylus to see if the delay remained, and it did. Palm rejection (wrist guard) using a passive stylus now seems to be nonexistent- it used to be pretty good. I'd ordered a Jot Script 2, so will try again once it arrives. That said, Penultimate V6 needs to support the Jot 1 and passive styli...
  11. No Arrow, I'm using an iPad Air, but have had a few Jot Script stylus's get flaky on me, some right out of the box. Never once was the issue app related, and each time, Adonit had replaced it. Normally I would've cut my losses and gone with another stylus, but when the Jot Script works, it is very, very good and it does enhance the Penultimate app. When it doesn't work, or worse, acts intermittently, it is very, very frustrating. I can't speak for the Air 2, but try using your Script on an older iPad or an iPhone. Even if you're not taking advantage of the Bluetooth support, it should function as a passive stylus if powered on. That should allow you to determine whether the issue is with the Script or your iPad's laminated display. But now we're way off topic... The fact that your Jot Script performs poorly on the other apps on your iPad points to a device problem more so than a Penultimate problem.
  12. Thank you for addressing some of the v6 issues so quickly! The new drift speed is a huge improvement over the fixed speed, although I still prefer the pre-v6 Zoom-Drift over the "write panel" that is commonly found in so many inferior note taking apps that force you to write on the bottom of the display. While this new Zoom Box is not so bad when writing in landscape mode with the iPad on a desk, it is unnatural and uncomfortable if holding the iPad in one hand and writing with the other; resizing doesn't quite fill the gap. It would be nice to have a configurable option for Zoom-Drift or Zoom-Box in Settings. The notes page thumbnail tray is also a major improvement over, well, having nothing... But still looking for the ability to have more than one paper style within the same note. Page turning would also be a very welcome return. Keep the updates coming! By the way, I appreciate the updated support for the Jot Script in v6; the battery level indication works and is useful. I am not having any issues with my Jot Script and the v6 release, however I have had issues with the Jot Script in the past, and have had nothing shy of stellar support from the folks at Adonit. Speaking from experience, before pointing blame at Penultimate, be sure to test your Jot Script on other apps or even other devices. iPad Air iOS 8.1.1
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