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  1. I had the same problem, running the Evernote app in Win10. F11 and Ctrl+F11 did nothing. Oddly, the thing that fixed it was just by dragging a corner of the window and resizing it.
  2. Kirby, You are right. Now that I think it through, your approach really just amounts to holding down one more key (the Ctrl key on my Windows machine) so that rather than creating a separate note, I can just copy, then paste into my active note where I'm typing things. That's pretty convenient. Not quite as automatic as what I had described, but it does have the advantage of avoiding messy confusions if for some reason I had changed the "current note" to some other one, and end up with a screen capture in some random note that I might not even notice right away, and be virtually impossible to find later. So I'm officially adopting the Kirby Approach. Tried it this morning on a conference call, and it felt very natural. Thanks to all.
  3. I think a "Clip to current note" option is what would work best for me, where it would insert the clipping into the note that I'm currently using for typed notes. It could put it at the end at that time, or it could place it wherever the cursor is. Bottom line, what I'm looking for is: text text text Clipping text text Clipping etc.
  4. I didn't know about the merging capability. This certainly helps, even if it just puts all the clippings at the end of my notes. Even better would be having them in-line, interspersed with my notes.
  5. Your online help describes the following behaviors: If you hold the Ctrl key while clipping, the image will be added to your system clipboard where it can be pasted into another application like Photoshop or Paint.If you hold the Shift key, the image will be saved to your desktop.If you hold neither of these keys, the image will be added to a new note in Evernote.What I would really like is some ability to add successive clippings to the same note. One common use case (for me) is while participating a webinar or GotoMeeting, where I need to capture the screen at various points during the call. I want them all to be in the note I'm currently editing, where I take notes during the call. My current workaround is to take successive clippings, each of which goes into a new note (your third bullet above), then after the call I have to laboriously copy and paste each one into my notes for the call, at the appropriate place. Very painful. Having this capability would even be enough to make me upgrade to the Pro version if necessary!
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