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  1. Yes, I do the same, using the classic version. But it makes no sense, to build a new version with nice new features, which I can only use, when I run the old version as well.
  2. For Android not needed, but urgend for the Windows-Version. "Date unknown" ... not very detailed. Why you make a new version, but delete importend features?
  3. 6 Month now, still no import folder in the new version. Can you please programm old importend functions instead of make new function . When does the "import folders" back ?
  4. But please understand your angry customer. You bring a new version and this miss essential features. Why ? No excuse, no time horizont, except ... Soon. (now 4 month gone) I do not use the new one, because only the legacy has import folder.
  5. Install the Evernote Legacy app The Evernote Legacy app can be installed side-by-side with the new Evernote app, and is denoted by a gray Evernote icon. To install the app: Click one of the following links to download the Evernote Legacy installer: Mac | Windows Open the downloaded file to begin the installation
  6. There is a legacy Version, which can be installed paralell to the new one. Same to me, import, I use daily
  7. Thank you, good to know, that I can do it side by side Helps a lot
  8. The new version is worthless for me, as long as the import folders are missing. Whithout notice, they deleted the import folders and does now only say: ... comming. What does mean ...later ...at Evernote ?
  9. I am the first time angry with Evernote. They steal Import folders without notice It´s an importend feature for me , I returned to the old version just now
  10. for me, import folders are daily used with me. I reloaded teh old version again. All the new features, I don need, as long as my inport folders are lost
  11. same to me, I only use Android. When will this App available for the Android-Users ?
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