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  1. If on there offical Community, a german area will be, there will many people come.
  2. Hi, many Evernote User speaking german, but not all of them are good in fluently englisch therefore, actual there is an activ german Google+ - community. But soon, Google+ will be closed by Google, so this community is looking for a new harbour So, it would be a good idea, to open this community for the german speaking people. Any plans, to have a german community?
  3. Hi, I wanted to share a local notebook with a friend. Therefor, I am looking, if I can force to locate the new local notebook on a different harddisk. Or does .. local notebook .. only mean: ... it will not be synced ? (and it is not really different than the other notebooks (except the sync), Yourds Bernhard
  4. same to me, I only use Android. When will this App available for the Android-Users ?
  5. Hi, I am using evernote for 4 weeks, all is fine (scanned 10.000 pages already) Question. where are all my PDFs stored. I use 2 PCs and one android. When i scan at one PC many new PDFs, they are stored in this PC and in the cloud, but are they transfered to the second PC as well? is there any URL, where the workflow of the data is discribed? --------------- When i am offline, do I have my data as well? (When I am traveling)
  6. I would like to have a function: send mails via windows-Mail-Client (i.e. Thunderbird). I want to use my own windows client, so I can choose my own email-From
  7. Hi, I have Windows 8 + Touch screen. Using Evernote on the desktop, the touch screen is of no use, worse, you can mix information. i.e. you can not scroll thru the notebooks, instead, you move a notebook to another place.. ------------------------------ Some years ago, there was already discussion in the forum, but years later, touch screen is much more spread. So Question: when will touch screen be supported
  8. Hi, Today, a new beta was released. Where can I get information, what is changed in this version, wether it is worth to test it nor noct? Yours Bernhard
  9. Thanks for the quick answer. Worked fine . ----------- I think, I have to delete the old files at the location manually?
  10. I am new to evernote and think of organizing my data. I found this information in the forum: Sorry, but Evernote only supports a very shallow hierarchy: Stacks / Notebooks / Notes So there really are no sub-notebooks (like sub-folders). Are there any plans, to extent the hierarchy? (And thanks for the programm: I use it for two days now and I am extremly happy)
  11. Hi, as far, as I understand, the data is stored at this location: C:\Users\gramberg\AppData\Local\Evernote I would like to have the date stored at Z:\gramberg\evernote, because this disk is in the daily backup. How can I move the datafile to another place?
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