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  1. I using Trello, it looks better, it is better and it is more suitable for me, because I need task list with notes and trello do both perfectly (evernote can sporadically do only the second thing). I have uninstalled everything from evernote. PS: evernote windows client is awful
  2. You're welcome to express yourself here. thank you. And I did, but I think nobody will know about this (mainly because I am not payer and more users do not care about advanced filters). Do they have public bug-tracker or backlog. I am curious about evernote priorities Or what "Numerous search fixes" means this "stupid" think drive me crazy, evernote is not useful for me without this (notes and task in one are killer features which evernote has, but it does not work properly). I reported this twice and they know about this more than 3 years. I do not think my expression here will solve something. Maybe I will give chance wunderlist or trello again
  3. no, and no even though in release notes is this Evernote for Windows GA Release Notes ... Numerous search fixes ... I really want to fill some survey about user satisfaction...
  4. Still is not working. It really sucks and it is frustrating. I do not want to use another tool just because they are lazy to fix such a small problem. This problem is on windows, android and web. according to documentation it should work. I reported this problem almost 9 months ago!! and still there is guy who knows about this ***** bug more than 3 years!! I only want to see which "todo" must be finished this week, month or which one are no overdue. I am wondering when they will change documentation, because it is more convenient than fix this problem on all devices. I am starting hate Evernote because this problem and how they are not trying to solve this issue . It is not useful for me any more. Last time when I saw change log "minor filter bug fixes" I was happy, because I thought is this issue, but it was not!!! aaarghhh!!! Please, hear my wailing
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